The US Embassy regrets effect on students

December 26, 2015

The US Consulate in Hyderabad had given a clarification note on Thursday conveying the US Embassy’s regret over the effect that students may have had, as they were either deport or deprived of permission to fly to the US.

The US Embassy regrets effect on students

The clarification note, which was circulated and promoted by the US Consulate in Hyderabad, mentioned that the US Embassy is well aware of the reports that some students who had enrolled for the universities of California were deprived of entry by the Customs and Border Protection. 

It also said that they regret the effect this might have had on the students and their families.  The official statement came to the consulate of Hyderabad from the US Embassy in New Delhi. 

Explaining the reason for the students who were granted visa by the US authorities were not allowed to enter in the US, the release also stated that they remind the individuals that even tourists with the visa could be not allowed the entry in the US if the immigration official finds motive to question the legitimacy of the student’s documents or also find that the tourist could not reply to the queries about the reason of the individual traveling to the US.

The statement also makes it clear that the embassy is monitoring the situation very carefully as they have been in communication regularly with the Homeland Security Department and also the government of India.

In the notification it was also written that the statement of the students from India who are not allowed to enter in the US reminds further that the students seeking studying in the US of the free services that are provided by the Education USA. 

The consulate also made clarification that the Education USA has centres all over the nation and its website could help students in selecting the most suitable school for their study course.

The statement also pledged that it would continue to support the exchange programs and education study for the US and Indian students. 

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