There has been increase in demand for European Golden Visa

October 29, 2015
More than 50 countries across the world grant residence permits that are based on investments, and many of them usually offer options for investment in property.

The countries who are offering the popular programs for the Golden Visa and similar other investment schemes related to immigration are the US, UK, Hungary, Portugal, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Spain, Ireland and Greece.

There has been rise in demand for European Golden Visa

In the previous three years, around 15 programmes had been launched and almost 20,000 residence permits based on investment had been granted. 

According to a report, which revealed the information on the current market trends and also shows the difference that a residence permit can make to the demand of property. 

According to the report, investors from China want investment, education and options of residence.  In opposite to that the investors from Russia give priority to the cultural closeness and leisure. The program in Latvia gave around 70% of residence permits to the people from Russia while the Golden Visa program of Portugal, which is less popular has only 3%. Portugal has recently decreased its least investment threshold from 5,00,000 pounds to 3,50,000 pounds.

In spite of the numbers not being very high the programs are still attracting the rich investors and still there is a market for foreign property owners who seek to specialize in the Golden Visas.

Golden Visa programs provide a significant opportunity for the rich citizens all over the world for securing their future.

Most of the agencies related to the real estate with the programs of investor visa offers services for visa support to their rich overseas clients. 
According to the report, US top the list in granting the investor visas,  with its limited quota of around 10,000 EB-5 visas every year in exchange of investments for setting up the businesses and generating the employment.

The main concern for the investors, no matter from which country he belongs to is cost.  In France, the least amount for investment is 10 million pounds, and around 14 residence permits were granted over four year period of time of the program.

While Ireland approves only two applications averaging every month with a least amount of 1 million pounds when compared to Latvia and Hungary as they accept more than 120 applications every month.

And the investors also takes a close look on the economic condition of the countries, as the country like Greece where less amount of permits were granted inspite of its less threshold which is minimum of 2,50,000 pounds.

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