There's something you should know about overseas worker visa system of Australia

October 26, 2015
There’s something important you should know about the overseas worker visa system of Australia, as it has certainly hit the embarrassing extents.

In recent times, we have been hearing about the widespread exploitation of the overseas student workers,  and we have also heard about the foreign student colleges has taken the cash bribe in return for helping the foreign students and workers for getting the visa of Australia.

There’s something important to know about overseas worker visa system of Australia

Then there was a major flaw which was observed in the system of temporary skill 457 visa, as the overseas workers who were flooding into Australia for working in the professions which are not skilled. It was also revealed that almost 80% of them have not undergone the labour market testing for determining whether an Australian citizen is available for doing the job.

It was also observed that the agencies who hire labour in the foreign countries have lined up full-time work for their citizens in Australia even before they enter Australia.

The workers who went to Australia on the Working Holiday Maker Visa (WHM visa) were exploited and hand of contractors who hire labour and the sub contractors also came into light abusing the WHM visa program.

Most of the workers have complaints about the employers breaking the workplace laws which include the wage underpayment, 18 hours of shift, no payment for overtime, no wage slips, etc. 

It has been also observed that the amount of exploitation with regards to the WHM and student visas for the temporary migrant workers has also raised some serious questions.

According to the Employment Department’s current report on skill shortages has revealed that skill shortage has been gone and there are more applicants with skills, experience and qualifications for the vacancies in every occupation.

But the percentage of unemployment will rise in the coming years, we can just hope that the government will do something to clean the system of labour migration before the bitterness over foreign citizens taking the jobs goes up.

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