This year would see changes in the working holiday visas for Canada

January 09, 2016
Young individuals who seek to get visa for working holiday in Canada now require working with changes in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

This year would see changes in the working holiday visas for Canada

The Working Holiday Visa Scheme is run by Immigration Department of Canada (CIC)  and it targets at young individuals who seek to do work while visiting Canada and it has been termed as simplest visa for getting working holiday which has it very popular among individuals.    

But number of changes that has been introduced recently means that this IEC program is now more difficult, and the applicants are handled with in a different way.

One of the important changes is that the applications are not processed chronologically. Now the applicant requires to create a profile, enter in pool with the other applicants. There would be single candidates pool for each country with two categories, one for the foreign co-op and young professionals and one for individuals who seek to work while they are on a holiday.

The first step that the qualified candidates require to do is to complete the survey known as ‘Come to Canada’ for determining their eligibility. This survey takes 15 minutes for completion and it is available online. 

The second step is to create MyCIC account and an IEC profile. Data provided in profile would determine eligibility of candidate for categories. Applicants might submit to one or more of pools.

Those who got successful at this stage would then be invited for applying for work permit. And once the invitation is granted the applicants had only 20 days for supplying documents required.

IEC is available in nations and territories that had a agreement regarding mutual youth mobility with Canada. There are other alternatives through many working holiday recognized organizations. 

It is not possible to extend the foreign experience job permit but few participating nations permit takes part in program more than once.

Those individuals who seek to reside in Canada after their job experience as tourist might be able to do that. They could apply for the status change. For doing that they require to apply minimum 30 days before their job permit expires and there is no guarantee that application would be approved.   

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