Tier 2 campaigning leads to change in the UK Immigration policy

August 18, 2018
Campaign for Science and Engineering is a leading and independent organization advocating for causes of Science and Engineering in the UK. It’s campaigning, and also the support of experts in various sectors and Members of Parliament, was the primary component leading to a change in the immigration policy

There was a Freedom of Information appeal, it submitted leading to the fact that nearly 6,000 applications for eligible Tier 2 visa were refused between December and March. The reason was the much criticized cap on skilled workers visas. Its constant efforts made it easy for organizations to recruit the necessary skilled workers from outside the UK/Europe.

Tier 2 campaigning leads to change in the UK Immigration policy

The publishing of Home Office data attracted the attention in the home media as well as at the international level. There was a question regarding the reason the UK denies entry to professionals.

Additional facts

These were actually IT specialists’, doctors, and engineers who extend support to service sector and increase the growth. On June 15th, the Government put out its plans regarding updating the Tier 2 visa system. It exempted all doctors and nurses setting them free from the yearly cap.

These categories had a significant share in the allocation of Tier 2 visa. This exemption has the capacity to give an opportunity to employers to hire the necessary top skilled professionals, engineers, and tech specialists without the fear of refusal.

CaSE has the aim that there should be no arbitrary cap on the employment of skilled workers. The employers should be free to recruit anyone when there is a proof of non availability of a local individual to fill such role.

Changes are happening

Moreover, there is a change to the Tier 5 visa for temporary workers, after the implementation of a recommendation of CaSE in its 2016 Report regarding creating a route for temporary workers with Science, research and academic background. Now research organizations can hire researchers from non-European areas for two years, giving them the ability to recruit similar to the UK universities.

The efforts to ensure that the United Kingdom follows the immigration system supporting Science and Engineering will continue.

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