Top corporate positions in reputed Denmark firms are getting filled by foreign candidates

October 21, 2013

One out of three reputed firms is having a non-Dane at the steerage as organizations in Denmark are viewing the whole globe as their pool for notable talents. The point when Denmark's biggest organizations require a CEO, they are progressively set outside the nation to fill the position.

Not long from now alone, based on the examination done by Jyllands-Posten, one out of each three major Danish firms are now having a non-Dane as it's administering head or in other words managing Director. The figure marks a noteworthy transformation from the year 2007, when the amount of Danish firms with overseas executives was one in every eight firms.

There are numerous reasons which provoke the organizations to search for talents outside the nation to fill up their most high-profile positions in the company. In Europe's progressively stalled economy, organizations have made an ideal model change in their recruitment process. The human resource department of the firms is eager to scour the globe to find the best candidate to fill up the vacant position. Overseas candidates offers new thoughts, another set of contacts, and sometimes an alternate managerial methodology that can boost up a staid corporate society.

Sabina Nielsen, an expert of international economics and management at Copenhagen Business School, focused on that the pattern is not a renouncement of Denmark's pool of talent yet rather it acts as a sign which proves that a more globalized business atmosphere has made it simpler for organizations to recognize exceptional talents to can be good managers and introduce them in Denmark corporate culture.

In spite of the changes in the year 2012 that moved a portion of the regulations for foreign workers, the people from critic's world still say that Denmark falls behind different nations. The Consortium for Global Talent – which incorporates 18 of the country's biggest organizations – fears Denmark will face a situation where there will be lack of greatly qualified foreign workers by 2020. 

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