TPP agreement would open labour market of Canada to new influx of overseas workers

November 30, 2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has important implications for movement of workers to and from Canada, with the experts expecting that it would open the labour market of Canada to the new wave of overseas workers.

According to the experts, that arrival might or might not be balance by the improved opportunities for the workers from Canada to move overseas.

TPP agreement would open labour market of Canada to new influx of overseas workers

The agreement divides the jobs into the regulated and non regulated careers. It lists the regulated jobs which includes the white collar jobs in the legal system, engineering and health care, but also many skilled trades like plumbers, construction workers and electricians.

The theory behind the deal is the reciprocity, so the similar measures that permit additional overseas workers into Canada would permits the citizens from Canada easy access to the overseas jobs which can assist the Canadian firms who are trying to expand in foreign countries.

So far the regional reaction to the deal has been positive, but had focused on potential benefits for the sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

Temporary overseas workers had been the hot button topic during these years , it was the one who had pushed the earlier Conservative government for limiting the type and number of employees who visit the country to work in Canada.

The federal government might face the political and the economic pressure for ensuring the TPP workers in Canada do not lead to an overall rise in the temporary overseas workers.

In the earlier, similar mutual deals had generally led to additional individuals visiting the Canada than going overseas.

Language is often the obstacle for the people of Canada who seek to work in other nations, not like many workers else wise who already speaking English or French.

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