Trade Deal between EU and US may allow visa free travel to Poles

March 21, 2014
Trade Deal between EU and US may allow visa free travel to Poles
Poland’s deputy economy minister, Andrzej Dycha announced that a likely ‘free trade’ deal between the US and EU will finally witness visa limitations lifted for Poland citizens. He also stated that it is almost finalized.

Poland authorities have and American partners had consensus on this issue, and very soon Poles may not require visas to visit to the US, as per the Andrzej Dycha.

Negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are going on for the last nine months, and it is expected that the agreement will be signed this year.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has played a major role in boosting the US and EU economies, and even the global economy. Free movement of persons is fundamental to the deal.

Sam Goffman, Embassy spokesperson stated that though the immigration laws are independently handled (from trade agreements), he indicated that Barack Obama is also supportive of Poland’s aims pertaining to the visa waiver program.

Currently, only four countries from the European Union are not yet included in the US visa waiver program – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Poland.

The US senate had approved legislation, and according to this, visas are not required for citizens of countries who have less than 10% visa application rejection annually.

Currently, for Poland, the level is 3%. So, the House of Representatives has to pass special legislation since the visa rejection rate for Poland was 10.8% in 2013, and Poles would still not be eligible.
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