Transparency in the Migration Policies in New Zealand

March 11, 2017

The stand on the migration of the country’s leading party is shifting as we approach Election period. Not only is the position changing as we quickly approach the elections, but it is evolving too.

The current evidence in the face of this phenomenon is palpable in the words of the country’s two major parties on the different prerequisites of living in the country for the Party’s project on the aging population of New Zealand. An original and fun accession in the quick paced manner is the question of transparency as can be seen in the statements made by the nation’s two MPs. 

Leaders have debated that the existing requirement for qualification for when citizens who are aged 60 and above can be eligible to lay claim to the country’s superannuation program once the citizens have been living in the country for more than ten years raises the issue of transparency.

“citizens who are yet to make a telling and sustainable impartation during their active years as individuals after staying in the country for more than a decade will be receiving the same level of treatment as those who have paid their levies for the whole duration of their lives,” an official in the country stated.

“Transparency is the key here. Those who have not contributed to the development of the country throughout their entire working live will, after staying in the nation for more ten years, become eligible to receiving the same backing as those who have paid their dues during their entire working lives,” another official said.

In fairness to the MPs, there isn’t much that can be achieved in this area rather than transmitting the major political ideas being created at the pinnacle of the Party’s leadership. As long as democracy in any nation is concerned, the major political ideal is usually formed at the upper echelon of the country’s party leadership, although after consultation with the remaining members of the party. Notwithstanding, such political ideal do intend that the present qualification requirements of living in the country for ten years have not been transparent, or at the very least had deterred the transparency to everyone in the country.

The national party could have presented some truths to back up their brand new introduction of transparency into the system. Until they do, however, the country has to depend on facts made available to the general public. About a research paper in the year 2014 on the theory and facts on migration and economic performance in New Zealand, it was shown that foreigners, while working, tend to pay more levies to the country’s income the government spending.

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