Trump's Officials can solve the Green Cards waiting issue 

August 17, 2018
77% of professionals who are patiently waiting for the US Green Cards are Indians. This period extends between 12 to 150 years. They have a great uncertainty and instability.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services dealing with this matter, is not backing the easing of the 7%- cap for every country. They feel that the likely result will be skewed diversity of immigrant workers.

Moreover, removing the cap has the capacity to fix this for Indians. The result will be a reduction of the waiting time. Lee Francis Cissna Director U.S.C.I.S. says that the scenario will be that most immigrants who will come through employment visas will Indians for several years. This measure will compromise the diversity of immigrants who are employment-based and come to the US. Going by this belief, getting a Green Card will get harder in future for all categories of professionals.

Trump’s Officials can solve the Green Cards waiting issue 

Additional facts

Presently only the applicants who take the family reunification or the marriage route had to take the interview as a part of the process. Now the applicants who take the employment route also will have to face the interrogation. The US has made the process of applying for H-1B visas more burdensome. Indians are the worst-hit because their share is more than three-quarters of these visas.

Furthermore, there is a sharp increase in the number of cases seeking additional documentation necessary to prove employment. Authorities believe that this is rational and the evidence has to be produced. Moreover there was nothing mean about that. Furthermore, the US administration has not yet decides regarding the working issue of spouses of H-1-B visa holders. Indians will be affected in case the proposed changes prevail. Presently they hold 80% of the H-4 visas.

Permission to get employment 

He went on to say that the spouses of other types of visa-holders had the permission to get the employment. The dependents of H-1B were never on the list of getting the work permits. He was in favor of rescinding it.

In 2015, President Obama passed a rule permitting H-4 holders, whose spouses were waiting for Green Cards, to work.  There is no basis for such argument. If that is the standard, USCIS has to abandon most of the present working practices. It has the power to issue employment authorization, anyone unless there is a law contrary to it.
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