UISCIS allows H4 visa holder's to get Employment Authorisation Cards (EAD)

July 01, 2015
Spouses of H-1B visa holders to get Employmen Authorisation Cards

Ending the months of speculation, the department of homeland security(DHS) from 27th may 2015 had started giving employment authorisation cards (EAD) to the eligible persons of H4 visa holders, which also meant allowing them to get work permit and legally allowed to work.

This H4 visa holders, known to be immediate family members of H-1B non-immigrant workers. Under existing rules of H-1B visa holders they have been not allowed to do any work in the country.

Allowing the skilled spouses to work in the country would upkeep US business firms and enhance the economic potential of the country, there by making the families to live and settle permanently in the country also creating conducive atmosphere to them in seeking better life and employment opportunities to the concerning as well.

According to new USCIS rules, the eligible H-4 visa holders will receive EAD cards within the period of 90 days. And also, th USCIS will issue cards to only those beneficiaries qualified under Immigration Petition For Immigrant Worker (Form  1-140) and been granted an authorized extension of stay beyond 6 years under AC21 Act.

This new amendments had come into force after the promise by the US president Obama to fix the immigration rules made in end iof 2014. 

Favouring H-1B non immigrant workers

This new rules will definitely do great favour to those H-1B non immigrantworkers, as they face the problem while seeking for permanent residence from temporary work residence. Since, the skilled spouse or family member were not eligible to work, thus reducing the opportunities for family to explore the further opportunities and for their family. 

This new rules however give’s a much needed breath for those H-1B non immigrant workers and this also gives impetus to american business with a new skilled talent potential.
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