UK new immigration bill to evict illegal immigrants

August 04, 2015
UK government on Monday has promised new measures to crack down on the illegal immigrants by allowing the landlords to evict the tenants without any notice.

The new crackdown is the result after the Calais migrant crisis breaking to dominate the headlines. Landlords in Britain, who do not evict the illegal immigrants with no right to live in Britain or not checking their immigration status, could face jail for up to 5 years.

UK announces crackdown on illegal immigrants

The new move has announced by communities secretary Greg Clark will be introduced as a new immigration bill in parliament and debate in the next two months.

Theresa may says, Britains “streets are not paved with gold”, the UK government will change the law and allow the landlords to remove such immigrants without any court order.

Immigration issue has been one of the sensitive issues in the UK policies. The PM David Cameroon determined to bring the immigration numbers down, the home office have also announced many measures affecting immigrants in recent times to control the immigration.

Illegal migrants in Calais had made around 1700 attempts on Sunday night to cross, which is a very major increase in the past few days, when there was only a few hundred, according to French police.

In the last week, Britain government pledged about 10 million Euros in order to improve the fencing in and around Eurotunnel rail terminus outside Calais, also promising the sniffer dogs to patrol.

The David Cameroon government had also previously announced the new immigration bill will also give power the police to seize the wages earned by the illegal immigrants.

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