UK based foreign law firms are affected by the immigration rules of Tier 2 visa

October 14, 2015
The Law Society is making an agreement with the business giants all over London that the tougher rules for the Tier 2 visa are going to be a threat to the capital crown of the UK as the world recruitment leader.

Law Society said that the immigration restrictions of the UK is preventing all the foreign law firms that are based in the UK from recruiting the lawyers outside the economic area of the Europe(EEA). 

Law Society is the professional body for the solicitors along with other different business groups, has replied to the steps that has been carried out by Advisory Committee for Migration (MAC). The steps involved measures of reducing the number of foreign workers who are skilled entering Britain.

International law firms based in the UK are affected by the immigration rules of Tier 2 visa

Responding to this, the Law Society said that the freedom of recruiting the legal experts from across the world is the answer for taking the advantage of lucrative markets which are emerging. The Law Society President told that it will be an important contribution to the economy of the UK by legal sector.

He said that this sector has brought 22 billion pounds in the country treasury, which also represents a total of 1.65 of GDP of the UK. The economic value of this legal sector is generated by the foreign law firms that are operating in the competitive international marketplace.

The foreign legal firm generally works on the complex deals that cover multiple jurisdictions. And for doing this these companies requires to employ as well as deploy the lawyers’ teams around the world.  International employees provide great expertise which is not available in the labour market of the UK. - He added.

According to the Law Society, the skilled overseas employees are generating important revenues. The levels of salary are best way to identify the requirement of specialist workers, because they reveal the shortage of market in the available supply of skills, economic value of work that is done and the skills that are utilized. Making the rules tighter for Tier 2 visa and hindering the firms from recruiting the employees will also be a threat to the jobs of UK or EEA citizens.

With the tougher Tier 2 visa rules, the UK is risking the foreign firms for shifting the work to the offices in another country.

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