UK 'Canary Wharf' calls for reformed visa system

September 05, 2014
London Canary Wharf initiates to have reformed visa system

Business analysts at a firm in Canary Wharf, London have expressed that visa constraints have to be relaxed otherwise there would be shortage of skills.

The nation is going through skill shortages especially in the field of science and technology, according to its survey.

Two-thirds of firms had difficulty in getting skilled staff with 20 percent having difficulty in getting skilled staff in technology, while 14 percent have reported problem in creativities and 12 percent in engineering and finance. 

Fifty percent of them had to form relationship with colleges and schools, and given them talks related to career and the experience of work.

Presently there are urging for a reformed visa system that would eliminate barriers in employing skilled staff from overseas.

Removing the barriers of the complex immigration system of the country would make sure that the best talent is welcomed to the nation to complete globally, as told by the chairman of the firm.

However, the data collected from 115 firms has proved an increased optimism regarding the economy in the coming 6 months.
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