UK employers want workers to come but also Control immigration

August 10, 2018
The Confederation of British Industry, a group of leading employers in Britain, says that the country should have a set of controls on EU citizens who work in the United Kingdom when Brexit happens. However these rules should not attempt at stopping companies to hire the necessary staff. Its Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie, is of the opinion that immigration has immense economic value to the country and must remain open.

While the government works on its immigration policies, the C.B.I.’s report mentions the need of a balance. There is a need of mandatory registration of the citizens of EU, entering the UK. It would also be an important step to establish a firm control of immigration.

UK employers want workers to come but also Control immigration

This measure will allow the UK to make sure that EU citizens contribute to the economy as well as the society in case they wish to stay for a long time. Only such European Union nationals, who contribute in the long term, should be allowed in.

Ending free movement

Moreover, it is aware of the difficulties and the sensitivity of this goal, but said that the act of making a contribution is greatly important to end free movement. Simultaneously, local workers need to get a priority in jobs, when unemployment in particular professions, increases above a specific level.

As a response to this report, the authorities in the government expressed that they were considering various measures to control the borders. It will also continue to retain and also attract professionals, who are beneficial to Britain. The economy still needs migrants from all corners of the world, after leaving the EU bloc in March 2019. Presently half of construction workers in London do not belong to Britain and around a quarter of the banking and finance employees in London are citizens of non-UK nations.


25% of workers in warehouse sector (113,000 people), in Britain, are presently EU nationals. Already there are signs, of worrying workers, who are not arriving in the country, because of Brexit. From April 2017 to March 2018, 805 EU midwives and nurses registered for working in the health service. The figure was, 6,382 one year earlier.

The government was forced to alter the hostile debate around migration. Many economists say that migration is positive, for the economy and also for public finances. In these feverish times, it is of great importance that all policies for the future living standards of UK must be discussed without oversimplification of the public outlook.

Importance of trade talks 

Furthermore, migration has to be an important part of trade talks with many countries for opening up new markets. The government must ignore the target of decreasing net migration below 100,000 per year. Finally there must be a system which ensures that all migrant workers make a notable contribution to the economy.
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