UK government ordered a review into education tourism

September 03, 2015

Nicky Morgan of UK’s Education Secretary has ordered an investigation to take a look at how the immigration has its effects on British state-run schools. And also were assigned to look on how attractive the British education system in pulling the immigrants to the country.

In order to provide free government school education to the families of overseas nationals, the ministers want to tighten up the entry of foreign citizens. The UK government is taking necessary steps to curb the entry of migrants who wish to pursue an education in UK universities and also want to work in the United Kingdom. And it has been decided that they will do this by reducing what they call the “Education Tourism”.

Steps have been taken by the UK government by passing new legislation on 6th of April 2015. The new law limits the number of migrants from non-EU countries.  In order to decrease the tourism of health, the migrants from non-EU countries who come for treatment on NHS are being charged 150% more of the actual cost and welfare entitlements to the migrants would also have a cut. 

Mrs. Morgan considers that many families from Eastern Europe visit the UK on study visa and the main reason for learning English as they feel that English being the globalised language. She believes that this is happening due to the increase in the Education Tourism. 

Steps were taken to reduce the Tier-4 visa applicants

To decrease the number of international students, UK government is planning to apply the newly announced immigration rules to squeeze up the requirements of the Tier-4 visa.  New rules will target those overseas students who apply for UK’s universities which don’t come under the top rank list. As a result, the foreign student would find it difficult to achieve this Tier-4 visa. 

In a recently revealed statistics, more than 3,00,000 people have migrated to the UK, as the government have already set the target to reduce this number.

The number of illegal immigrants entry has increased in Europe due to the recent Mediterranean crisis in the region.  A large number of the illegal immigrants are coming from the Europe and Northern Africa attempts to cross the border. Thousands of illegal immigrants are staying in a camp called ‘The Jungle’ in Calais in order to cross Britain’s border.

It’s becoming difficult for schools to handle students doesn’t knows English Language

There has been an increase in number of students from different regions who can speak around 300 languages, as a result the Union of Teachers here have cautioned the government that the schools are not being able to handle the pressure. One of the examples is the schools in parts of Eastern London, where more than half of the student’s population won’t speak in English.

The government had ordered the Department of Education to assess the situation and submit a report.

The main problem is that a student who doesn’t speak in English comes from the immigrant families living in large numbers in the country.

"It's crucial for every government department to play their part in tackling immigration. As we have a cross-governmental focus on reducing immigration and tackling illegal immigrants, the correct step is to assess the role that the education system plays, not just in respect of the impact but as factor in attracting people to Britain in the first place." A senior government official sai.

The report is also expected to help the government to take some effective measures, helping schools and its teachers to tackle this issue.

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