UK government warned upon tougher visa rules for foreign workers

August 14, 2015
UK government recent move to raise the minimum salary requirements for the skilled migrants coming from outside the Europe Union could backfire as the migration advisors urged ministers to proceed with caution while before raising the minimum salary requirement to get Tier 2 visa.

UK government warned on tougher visa rules for foreign workers

The migration advisory committee had concluded there is little evidence that skilled migrants are the reason for undercutting the salaries of British skilled workers.

Further, MAC advises this would impact the recruitment process for the employers and force the UK companies to expand their business in overseas.

At present, the minimum salary of the skilled migrant figured at €20,800, and some of the occupations are set with higher minimum salaries under the Tier2 skilled visa route.

Tier 2 skilled visa follows annual cap with only 20,700 migrants are allowed to the UK from outside of the Europe Economic Area (EEA); the cap was already reached first time during the month of June.

Mr. David Cameroon had constructed a committee to look and research the impact on raising the minimum salaries of Tier 2 visa skilled workers of non-Europeans.

The report said: "Overall, a number of firms said that increases in thresholds could lead to increases in the cost of their services, prevent expansion of business and thus possibly cause certain business areas to grow elsewhere in the world at the expense of the UK."

Committee chairman Professor Sir David Metcalf said: "We urge the government to be cautious in making any significant changes to the salary thresholds at this stage because they should not be considered in isolation."

A Home Office spokesman said: "We thank the Migration Advisory Committee for their report. We will consider its findings and respond in due course."

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