UK Home Office urged to act following warning over student visas

January 29, 2016
According to Humza Yousaf, the SNP foreign development minister, the government of the UK shall act following a severe warning from the top university that its policies of immigration are harming the economy of Scotland.

According to him, proof has been submitted to a Committee by Edinburgh University illustrates the requirement of reintroducing the right to do the job for a limited period for the graduates from the non EU nations.

UK Home Office urged to act following warning over student visas

The Edinburgh University is ranked in the top 25 universities in the world had warned that the revoke of post study job visa in the year 2012 was damaging the business, education and society in Scotland.

It comes as two recipients of the past scheme, who had established the successful careers in the Scotland after being permitted to stay in the nation for two years after finishing their education, prepare to provide the proof at the Parliament of Scotland today.

Mr Yousaf told that the government of the UK will do good to listen to the warning from the Edinburgh’s University.  Scotland has various immigration requirements from the rest of the UK and return of the post study path will be in the best interests of Scotland along with the suggestions of the Smith Commission.

All the political parties, business, trade union, academia had called for the return of the post study work visa and has expressed their surprise and dismay at the recommendations that this path has been ruled out with no consultation.

The Scotland’s Secretary of state has pointed out that he was prepared to listen and make representations to the PM if a case could be prepared for visa reintroducing in Scotland. Scotland had asked Theresa May for the ultimate position on whether the Government of the UK is prepared for considering the reintroducing the visa for the northern side of the border.

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