UK Home Secretary plans to make universities ensure no student overstayers

October 29, 2015
Theresa May, UK Home Secretary is planning for making the universities ensure that their foreign graduates leave the country once their courses are completed.

The Home Office is planning to use the information from recent checks on those students who exists in the country, which were previously introduced at UK ports and all the UK airports in the month of April, as a base for forcing the universities for taking more responsibility to ensure that the graduates from non-EU nations do not stay after their education is completed.

UK Home Secretary plans to make universities ensure foreign students leave UK

Sanctions on the universities with increased rates of students who are overstaying can include the elimination of the rights to take on more students from outside the European Union.

There is no forthcoming plan for introducing the change, as it is discussed with the sector by the officials of the Home Office.

The plan will not come as the surprise as it was previously included in the manifesto of the Conservative in the previous general election.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), chief executive, Dominic Scott, said that the student who left the university will not have the contractual relationship with the university.

There are growing concerns among the universities about the statistics would be accurate or not, in terms of matching between the exit information and passenger status information on whether they were in the UK as the student.

Home Secretary told in her speech in the start of this month that too many foreign students are not going back home as their visa runs out. She also said that she doesn’t care what the universities people are saying, as the rule must be enforced and also said yes to students and no to overstayers.

She also said that there is a huge gap of 96,000 students between a total number of students from outside of the EU, who visit the UK and those who depart every year.

Home Office spokesman told that they will be doing more changes to tackle the situation like student overstayers, and they also continue to attract the bright and best students to UK’s world class universities.

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