UK Home Secretary Says Post-Brexit Minimum Salary Threshold will be 36k Pounds

August 12, 2019
The UK Home Secretary will be asked to raise the recommended £30,000 minimum salary threshold for all latest international workers to defend lower-paid British workers.

At the moment, the limitation only appeals to non-EU migrants, but it's assumed to be prolonged to EU workers after Brexit. The Social Justice Centre, co-founded by Iain Duncan Smith, is doing the call to raise the threshold.

It arrives with the warning that low-skilled immigration at record levels in recent years have driven the wages to drop for native citizens of UK on lower salaries.

Think-tank says that the population has increased by higher than 10 million in the last 50 years, 60% of which is because of the factor immigration. The CSJ tells approximately two-thirds of the public think present levels of immigration are too high.

UK Home Secretary Says Post-Brexit Minimum Salary Threshold will be £36k

UK Need to Restore Integrity

The report appears after Ms. Patel, who is the daughter of Ugandan immigrants, promised to return "integrity" to the system of immigration in a way which need not be a cosmetic numbers game.

It also supports Boris Johnson's statement of improvements to visa appeals to fast-track the most brilliant minds from throughout the globe after Brexit.

However, the latest report calls for action at the lower edge of the wage scale, stating the minimum salary threshold need to be raised to a level comparable with the skilled workers status.

It also tells the Home Office would exempt critical sectors like the NHS from enabling workers making less than £36,700 to proceed to come to the UK to work. Moreover, it asks for a review and reformation of family-associated visas, of which there were around 134,789 in 2018.

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