UK immigration bill to ensure fluent English speaking for all employees

August 03, 2015

Cabinet minister Matt Hancock confirming the move on Sunday said that a legislation to be introduced that every worker in the public sector organizations performing a role that interacts with the public should speak English fluently.

He said the legislation is going to be introduced at the beginning of next month making a way for the legal requirement to the public sector worker.


Reiterating the decision, cabinet office said all public organizations should ensure their staff to communicate effectively with the public, which is equivalent to language skill that of a high-level college exam.

Organizations such as National Health Service(NHS), state-funded schools and armed forces. The legislation will apply to both new and existing employees in public interacting roles.

Mr. Hancock said, "We are controlling immigration for the benefit of all hard-working people. That includes making sure that foreign nationals employed in customer-facing public sector roles must speak English of a high standard”.

The new legislation that is to be introduced in September is about the commitment made by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The government has already some language requirements for some health regulators an evidence of English language competence from European Union applicants.

The new legislation of language requirement will be extended to all public sectors that have employees working in public facing roles, including social workers, police officers, teaching staff and assistants, and local government employees.

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