UK immigration reaches to an all time record high

November 27, 2015
Migration in Britain go up to an all time high figures of 3,36,000 in the year till June; these figures seems to give another blow to the plans of the government for limiting the numbers.

According to the information, the continuous rise was driven by the sharp increase in the number of individuals visiting to work in the UK, among those two thirds are from other parts of the EU. A total of 6,36,000 people came to the UK and around 3,00,000 left,  it means that the net migration exceeds the earlier record of 3,30,000 which was recorded three months before.

UK immigration reaches to an all time record high

Migration from the 15 ancient EU nations like Spain, France and Italy has rose by 20,000 to 1,33,000 in this year till June. Furthermore, around 50,000 individuals came from Romania and Bulgaria with an increase of 19,000 , while the number of individuals coming from non-EU nations has risen by 17,000 to 2,86,000. The figures of South Asians has also increased by 7,000 to 59,000, immigrants from the Middle East had increased by 9,0000 to 23,000, and  the number of people from North America has also grown by 9,000 to 29,000.

Those who had visited the UK to do work, it is reported that around 64% and a record number of around 2,94,000 individuals had already doing job in the UK.  UK Prime Minister had said that in the previous year around 43% of the new arrivals from the EU nations ended up claiming the advantages that include housing benefits, tax credits and other welfare payments.

According to the migration expert, many of the measures that were introduced in the previous parliament for reducing the net migration of students, workers and family members is now in place for  few years. And at this point, changes in the migration are driven by the economic factors such as success of economy of the UK instead of by the new policies.

The Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire told that the employers shall do more for breaking their dependency on the overseas workers. He asked them to employ and train the local candidates and also warned that the UK government still has much more to do for limiting the immigration. Many employers are still dependent on the overseas workers.

But the firms in the UK complain that the immigration system of the UK is already excessively heavy for the workers who come from non-EU nations. Statistics showed that around 85,000 citizens from UK had returned home in the year till June.

According to Tim Thomas, Employment and Skills policy Head, EEF, many of its members are complaining about the skilled workers shortage, and they only look outside of the EU as the last option.

The UK government had taken steps in the previous for controlling the number of overseas students who come to study in the UK, but despite that the number has gone up by 17,000 in this year till June month with a total of 1,92,000 among them majority of them are from non EU countries. The number of students arrivals in the UK from Asian countries is 87,000.

This record number of migration was also prejudiced by the number of individuals leaving the UK which drop by 20,000 to 3,00,000 during the same period of time.

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