UK - Increase in Visa Applications for Exceptional IT Professionals

June 28, 2019
UK - Increase in Visa Applications for Exceptional IT Professionals

Owing to the surge in IT visa applications there are no Fears that migrants are discouraged from settling in the UK.  In fact they are keen to master their work and are also agreeable for the contract based work in the IT sector. In the past few months there were concerns that political happenings could affect the access of the firms to get the overseas talent. Specifically, there is a 45% surge in the applications for accommodative Tech Nation Visas, for the present financial year, in comparison to the similar period in 2018.

Independent of specific employment

While observers point out that applications do not have a similarity to the confirmed placements, TN visas do not depend on employment or a specific role; but skilled individuals seek them. Such flexibility is indeed good. 

A representative of Tech Nation that said the increase in 2018/19 was the fifth to happen in these the visas, which are not attached to a specific employment.

50% of the 650 applications this year won endorsements. The figures were 450 last year. Experts’ rate these applicants are exceptional covering the digital technology, engineering, and other areas.

Exceptional Talent

Applications failing to get the endorsement are such that fail to meet the necessary standard set by the eligibility criteria exclusively for the Exceptional Talents. The reason is their real experience, skill level or achievement not meeting the necessary standard. Another reason can be that the applicant was not successful in conveying this adequately in the application. The Data of the 2018/19 outlines that there was a domination of India, China, and the US in the applications. These are the nations with a high population and also have large IT industries.

Ambitious software engineers

India and the US produce top quality and determined software engineers as well as entrepreneurs. Moreover there is a historic link with the UK.

Additionally, there were no comments regarding how the visas will fare after Brexit. There is a commendation of these visas because they offer a freedom to work and to move in the United Kingdom.


The UK also has the top Level of innovation and investment apart from good connectivity as attracting factors in the scheme. Moreover there is an awareness which helps the applicants in a big way. The technology industry is very important for the economy of the UK. The Government is happy with the encouragement and increase in the visas issued to investors in the UK who start a business in it.

There must finally, be no concern that successful applicants will adversely affect the prospects of local IT contractors.

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