UK is eyeing tougher immigration control and student visa limits

October 07, 2015
The reason behind UK’s introduction of tougher controls on immigration which also includes limiting student visas heightened after the Home Secretary Theresa May told the Conference of Conservative Party that migration was making impossible for building the cohesive society.

She has got the backing of Prime Minister David Cameron, and she also claimed that Britain doesn’t require net migration at the latest record levels and the effect of net economy was at its best i.e. close to zero.
She accepted that the immigrants can fill the gaps but she also said that every person who is coming to Britain now is not a skilled engineer, doctor or electrician.

UK is eyeing tougher immigration control and student visa limits

She said that the high immigration’s fiscal and the net economic effect is near to zero. For immigration,  no case in the national interest, that they have experienced from past 10 years.

In her uncompromising speech she stressed and said that she was determined to go ahead with the crackdown on student visas, the reason was many international students were not returning back to their homes when they complete their studies.

She urged the universities head to enforce the rule and also said yes to students and no to over stayers. And the universities should make it happen. 

Unease among most of the UK’s businesses has been caused, Head of skills and employment policy at the EEF said that while pushing forward with the anti-immigration expression, the ministers should stop penalizing businesses who require to recruit the employees with high skills from out of Europe.

He said that the manufacturers will make the use of the migrant labours. And they provide a tax and economic benefit to the country. Such labours are often given teamed up with the domestic up skilling workers.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron says that what will destroy this cohesive society is whipping up the mistrust and fear. He also said that both David Cameron and Theresa May are encouraging the division and hatred they are also encouraging the society who blames its problems on those on outside.

However, Home Secretary Theresa May, have won the backing from the prime minister, who rejects the suggestions that the Home Secretary was blaming the unemployment of the foreign workers.

He told that what we are telling is that an open, modern democracy, we need migration, and we benefit from the migration but it has to be controlled.

He also said that in many years as we have created many jobs than the rest of EU altogether, we have seen migration of higher rates. And that more need to be done to bring down the migration to better balance if we want successful society.

Mrs. May said that it is totally understandable that people from poor countries come to live in Britain, but there should be some limit to the number of migrants in the UK.

There will be new policies for tough treatment who apply for political asylum in the country from safe countries. And that the new strategy will be published next year.

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