UK is the global leader in providing high quality education for foreign students

December 10, 2015
According  to a research which reveals that the UK is the world leader in providing high quality undergraduate education for the foreign students, with the foreign students, with the foreign undergraduate students are ranking the UK top spot for the satisfaction of the students, ahead of other countries like Canada, US, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

UK is the global leader in providing high quality education for foreign students

According to the research by the UK Higher Education Foreign Unit at Universities UK, the UK is also doing extremely good in learning and teaching. However, it has also noticed that the countries like Canada and the US are enjoying rapid development in the market share of foreign undergraduate students. 

The research had also found that the modifications that had occurred between the year 2008 and 2014, it has showed that the satisfaction of the foreign undergraduate students with the higher education in the UK is very soaring at 91% and it has been increased in every education experience areas. 

It was also revealed that 85% of the foreign undergraduate students who study in the UK will advise his experience of UK to others, the largest advice rate of all the important English speaking destinations.

The universities in the UK had witnessed the enhancements in the satisfaction of foreign student all around 75 of 84 steps. The report also said that the UK had the largest rate of satisfaction among its competitors for the entire dimensions of the student experience such as entire satisfaction, living, learning , assistance and arrival experience.

Report also told that the number of non EU fo reign undergraduate students who are studying in the UK has raised by around 46% since the year 2007.

The report also showed that in the year 2007-14, because of the rise in the foreign undergraduate students admission in North America, all other major competitors had went back except UK.

The foreign undergraduate students numbers in the UK is fewer than its other competitors. The report also said that with around 50% of the students are pursuing education in the UK at the undergraduate level. 

In three of the four nations in the UK, the undergraduates students who come to study in the UK finishes the degree in three years instead of four years as compared to the US, Australia and Canada. And it means that the students have to pay the fees for less years and could also access the employment market more rapidly.

The report was revealed with the aim of contributing the improved understanding of the foreign student backdrop and making recommendations that will assist the policymakers of the UK and the universities drive up development of the foreign student hiring.

Report also informed that out of 1,30,000 foreign undergraduate students registered in the UK in the year 2013-14, around three out of four students were from Asian countries, 11% from African countries, 95 from the North American countries and 9% from the Middle Eastern countries and 1% from the Latin America.

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