UK offers best job prospects in Europe

January 08, 2016
According to the latest study, the UK provides some of the finest job opportunities in Europe after recovering from the economic crisis of the year 2008. 

Research in 16 nations has highlighted the UK with Austria, Norway and Estonia as having less population unemployed or under employed.

UK offers best job prospects in Europe

As per the report, Portugal, Spain and Greece is having fewer prospects for jobs due to their lacklustre monetary performance. The most impressive jobs that bounce back since the year 2008 were in Germany, where employment has increased above the levels of pre-crisis.

Youth unemployment is over 50% in Spain and Greece, almost 43% in Italy and around 25% in France, Belgium and Ireland. In Britain its 17%.

The percentage of those individuals who does part time job but will rather be working full-time jobs has risen everywhere since the year 2008, with the exclusion of Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

The percentage is utmost in Spain, Ireland and Italy and least in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Estonia and Norway.

According to Dr Andrew Chamberlain, economist, the labour markets of Europe are diverse today and current numerous challenges, as well as prospects, for the jobseekers. And countries like Germany, UK, Austria and Switzerland enjoys below average unemployment.

On opposite to that Greece, Portugal and Spain had continued to struggle with the increased unemployment and slow economic development, partly due to the inflexible labour market rules that has proven difficult to change in recent years.

In the UK, the figures have revealed that the rate of unemployment is falling, with the record 31 million people are now said to be working.

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