UK opens visa slots for IT Professionals, Engineers, Teachers

June 18, 2018
There is good news for Indian IT professionals, engineers, doctors and teachers. The UK government plans introducing a new immigration policy which will benefit them. The government aims to  bring a few changes to the immigration policy in Parliament. Furthermore it will ease the visa rules for businesses who intend to hire overseas talent.

The new visas help companies to attract professionals from many countries like India to seek a career in the UK.  Even though the new visa arrangement has caused anger amongst students who intend to study in UK, the changes in the Tier-2 Visa Category open up slots for professionals. Moreover the doctors and nurses are presently exempted from the annual cap of 20,700 visas.

UK opens visa slots for IT Professionals, Engineers, Teachers

The government decision

The government has stated that doctors and nurses hailing from nations other tan in the European Union are exempted from its Tier 2 (General)    visa limit to meet the shortages in skill.  With this development from the current monthly quota of 1,600, the Tier 2 category will release places for other major professionals.

The new structure permits an unlimited number of professional belonging to non-EU areas to enter the UK. They can fill up in the acute shortage areas in the fields of IT, engineering and teaching.  Moreover further changes to the visa routes leading to opening up of exceptional talent visa for Fashion Designers.

In the Tier-2 visas, which have a yearly cap of 20,700 ever since 2011, there were more applications in the monthly allocation for available places in recent months.

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