UK Orders High-Level Probe on Students Deportation

June 07, 2016
The United Kingdom’s influential committee in the Parliament ordered for an enquiry into the deportation of Indian students in 2014. International students in the UK were deported, of which the maximum were Indians who were accused of the cheating in the English Language Tests. 

UK Orders High-Level Probe on Students Deportation

A high-level probe is initiated to investigate as to why these Indian students were expelled in the year 2014 and were confirmed by the surprise raids conducted by the UK immigration. The House of Commons, home affairs select committee, chaired by Indian-origin Labor MP Keith Vaz, ordered a detailed inquiry into the scandal. 

"We are deeply concerned with the arrests, dawn raids and aggressive deportations of students from outside the European Union (EU), which have occurred following allegations of fraud at English language testing centres," Vaz said in a statement today.

The UK Border Agency deported 48000 (70% of Indian) international students which was in lieu to the above scandal. 

He further said: "The home office appears not to have investigated English language testing fraud allegations themselves before undertaking heavy-handed action. Recent legal cases, with their damming criticisms from senior judges, have opened the door to a mass of expensive and damaging litigation".

"An estimated 70 percent of those affected are of Indian nationality, and this debacle comes at a time when Indian student numbers in the UK are declining. The UK risks causing damage to its reputation as a leading destination for an international study.”

The scam was uncovered by the BBC’s investigative report on how the immigration consultancies are helping the students with poor English or language skills enter the UK, by hoodwinking  any language proficiency tests. This resulted in the cancellation of Licenses for 100 plus Immigration consultancies across the world.

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