UK plans to add health fee to student visa charge

July 15, 2014
UK announces to add extra charge for student visa application

Non European Union (EU) students filing their applications for visa are required to pay £150 in the form of immigration health surcharge along with their fees for visa application, according to latest plans announced.

The new additional charge of payment is likely to fulfill some of the financial requirements towards medical treatment for Indians as well as visitors from non European Union, who are residing in the nation temporarily. Extra charges will be imposed on application form with effect from early 2015.

Jeremy Hunt, UK’s Health secretary, said that there will not be any problem with international visitors using National Health Service (NHS) until and unless they continue to give payment for it.

However, according to plan document, the NHS should not refrain from treating the patients who require immediate attention, even though they have not paid the amount in advance as it would violate Human Rights Act 1998. 

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