UK records a high number of Romanian and Bulgarian migrant workers

February 20, 2014

Immigration is Encouraged for Labrador and Newfoundland
The total population of the province is decreasing day by day especially in Labrador and Newfoundland. The two provinces are losing its population more than the other provinces. Most of the population of these provinces is old and the young people are leaving this area to find better job. For the past 3 years the date rate becomes higher and the birth rate becomes lower. Immigration can play a great role to populate these two provinces. Canada is encouraging the people for the immigration to these provinces.

The director of Conference Board of Provincial forecast in Canada, Marie Christine said, “We are actually going to see very weaker economic condition for these provinces over next twenty years. It can cause a great effect on the total population.”

However, Canada is planning to improve the economic condition to attract the people to become the immigrants. The government of Canada has been trying since 2008.  The government of Canada is also going to set up the best immigration programs for the prospective newcomers.

The government of these provinces has already taken several steps to change the current condition. From this year they are planning to draw the attention of the prospective immigrants. The government of Canada will offer a number of different facilities and they will also offer permanent settlement for the immigrants.

There is a plan to develop the immigration level. The current nominee program is very efficient, however it will be made more flexible for the immigrants next years. The applicants can easily apply for the nominee program through the streams. There are two streams available for the applicants. One of the streams id skilled worker stream as well as another one is international graduate stream. The applicants have to fulfill the necessary qualifications for these programs.

Professional legal service will also be available for the immigrants and they will be given all type of facilities to lead a great life! Interested candidates are welcomed to submit their applications. 
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