UK's immigration Department has launched "Visit UK Video" for first time travellers

September 26, 2015
UK’s immigration department has launched the “Visit UK Video” in order to educate the travellers and trading about the process of online visa applications to UK and to suggest that the Visa for the UK is easy to get. This “Visit UK Video” has been uploaded on many channels of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and also on the Office for the Foreign Commonwealth (FBO) platform. Nick Crouch, The Regional Director of South and South East Asia, UK Visas and Immigration has told that this initiative is started to make the public understand its online process and also encouraging the applicants for visiting the UK.

UK Visas and Immigration launched the Visit UK Video for first time travellers

Crouch also said that they are getting feedbacks which are encouraging since they launched this video this week. He added that by adding the video it had helped to eliminate the myths about the visa for the UK that it is very difficult to achieve. Its process is easy, quick and simple and they believe they offered excellent service for visas. He told.

According to James Bevan, India’s British High Commissioner, the visa system is designed to make as simple as for the customers to apply. The video is just another instance of the improvements that have been made to visa service, making it fast and easy for the visitors from India to apply for a UK visa.

Visa issuance growth to Indians in 12 months till this year’s June was 15%, which is also a proof that outstanding processing system that has been offered to the travellers.  Said Crouch.  He also informed that a total number of visas issued for India were 3.5 during the above mentioned period of time. And according to him India is among the top markets for the UK and they want much more travellers to visit their destination.

Crouch also commented on the current turn around for visas of the UK saying that the turnaround time is of 15 days. For processing the visa, the average time achieved last year was 6 days.  In past, people who have visited the UK  with the priority of within 5 days and the super priority of the same day services are also been provided. He told.

The agency is constantly working on the improvements of the visa processing after receiving some feedback from the tourists and the trade after every busy season.

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