UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application gets more tougher

September 05, 2015
Entering the UK under Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa category has now become extremely difficult.

The “Genuine Entrepreneur Test” has made it difficult in meeting the requirements for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa category.  And this has been the reason for higher rejection rate of up to 70% applications. 


The immigration officers are looking at the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application in detail and making sure about the applicant’s investment requirements and that the applicant can be able to begin a business in the UK. 

In April, the Home Office has made presentation that business plan is compulsory for all the applicants, with the main intention to reduce the number of fraud applications. The applicants necessarily have to provide a proof of the funds originated. The genuine applicants must meet the requirements for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, Says the UK Immigration. 

But in reality the reason for introducing this requirement is to decrease further the immigration levels into the UK.

The recent decline in the number of Tier 1 visa applications successfully processed is due to the enforcement of new visa measures, says James Brokenshire, the immigration minister.    

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is granted to foreign businessmen from non-EU nations looking to invest in the UK.  The applicant must show that they have got 2, 00,000 pounds for business investments in the UK. But an investment of 50,000 pounds may be accepted in some cases.

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