UK Tier 2 Visa Update: 530 Certificates of Sponsorship are Available

April 24, 2019
If Brexit does sequentially happen, it appears that the U.K visa system may not be available.  The UK Tier 2 visa system and Tier 2 Sponsor Licence remain constant.  The complex, confused, wrong and unfair system creates numerous injustices. Organizations and people have suffered because the UK Tier 2 visa system enables UK Immigration and Visa to cancel the Tier 2 Sponsor Licences at will. 

UK Tier 2 Visa Update: 530 Certificates of Sponsorship are Available

If the UK Home Office wants to do, they can discover a way to cancel Sponsor Licences.  Judges know that the Law is especially biased upon the Tier 2 sponsor organization and the employee. So further likely to find upon the company and employee in Court. The system is also not fit to allow Companies to get in more individuals as skilled workers post-Brexit.

Information About  CoS Availability

Following the recent Tier 2 visa restricted certificates of sponsorship (CoS) allocation meeting, 530 CoS available from 2018 to 2019 yearly limit, as per the UK Immigration and Visas data. The department announced its March 2019 report, indicating that its numbers were accurate as of 28 Mar 2019.

An organization with a U.K Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence requires to appeal for Certificates of Sponsorship for newcomers they want to employ. Below the present UK immigration system, remaining Tier 2 restricted CoS to hire individuals who are presently from the UK outside, can be reclaimed after 03 months. This improves restricted CoS availability.

The certificates number reclaimed as not utilized within 03 months for March totaled 246. The March, U.K Tier 2 allocation meeting for Certificate of Sponsorship held on 11 Mar 2019. All valid appeals lodged by 5 Mar were successful, presented they scored at least 21 points required for an application to be accepted.

The next UK Immigration and Visas allocation meeting will be held on 11 Apr 2019 and will reveal the number of Tier 2 certificates of sponsorship that will be open for May 2019.

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