UK to exempt transit visa regulations

November 13, 2014
UK to relax transit visa norms

High commission of United Kingdom is about to relax visa regulations from next month. All the South African, Australian, New Zealand and Lesotho nationals would get exempted from the travel transit visa of UK. following the review of global travel, spokesman for the British High Commission, Hooman Nouruzi told that, all the listed countries of transit visa has to be cooperative to the visa regulations of UK.

The British commission of UK stated that South Africans who have an existing visa of other nations can travel through UK without attaining any airside transit visa. Hooman Nouruzi said that these new exemption of visa norms would encourage more individuals to travel through UK.

Spokesman for the department of home affairs, Mayihlome Tshwete told that there was something to celebrate, as UK transits could stay for about 90 days in South Africa without attaining any visa. However they need a visa if they wish to stay for a night in London.

Home affairs spokeswoman further said that there is nothing much to be jubilant about, all the UK citizens can visit South Africa without holding a visa but South Africans have to get a visa to visit UK which does not cost much.
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