UK visa clampdown for foreign skilled workers is threatening global tech firms

December 21, 2015
The immigration advisers of the UK government are urging for the clampdown on the visas for the skilled employees who seek to work in the UK from non EU countries, a measure that will be a threat to the international technology firms in Britain.

The UK Home Office is finding out ways to squeeze the regulations for its Tier 2 visas and the Committee for Migration Advisory (MAC) could suggest focus on big foreign businesses that move employees to projects in various nations.

UK visa clampdown for foreign skilled workers is threatening global tech firms

MAC Chairman, Sir David Metcalf, is about to provide his proposals to the UK Home Office this week and his reports would be issued in public by the end of January month. The committee will not comment on his suggestions.

Sir David would be considering a skills charge on the employers  who hires employees from non EU countries. He might hold back the proposal to increase the least salary to qualify for the visa. And as per the information from the Home Office, four out of top five long and short term infra firm transfers in the year which will end in March were in telecoms, software development and IT. 

India is leading, with 31,093 sponsored skilled visa application in the year till September, US stood at second place with around 6533. Many firms from India and the US are likely to be hit hard.

According to India’s National Association of Software and Services Firms, it has engaged in consultation with the public and has urged the significance of Tier 2 visas.

Immigration control has become one of the defining issues of UK’s government and it is the important factor in negotiations for reshaping the UK’s relationship with remaining EU countries. And that had left the UK government to look for minimizing the employees from non EU nations to bring down the net migration level from the latest data of 3,36,000.

As per the Home Office, the Tier 2 visas which also includes the dependants visas and the latest visas has been increased to 1,51,659 during the year 2009-2014. Many visa has been issued for infra firm transfers as for other skilled employees with the job offer.

As per Matthew Percival, Employment Law Head, Confederation of British Industry, the net migration goal remains a dull instrument which is not fit for the intention.

Previous month both India and the UK had signed a mutual agreement for facilitating the temporary progress of skilled employees in the IT industry.

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