UK visa scheme for high skilled foreign employees under used

May 17, 2016
According to a study, it was revealed that UK’s Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas meant for high-skilled foreign employees has not been fully used over the past few years, with just 12% of the visas has been used since the year 2013.

UK visa scheme for high skilled foreign employees under used

A report also said that under use is mainly pronounced all over the engineering and digital technology sectors, means that the UK can be missing out a chance to address the shortage of skills in these fields. 

There were around 361 applications made for this UK visa which is meant for exceptionally talented people over previous three years out of 3000 being made available by the UK government.

UK’s Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas were started in the year 2011 and were made available to the talented foreign people all over the sectors like medicine, science, digital technology, engineering, humanities, and arts.

Perceptions of people surrounding the immigration as well as objectives might mean that UK government is hesitant in pouring resources in promoting their usage. However, they could service an important function in motivating talented people to the nation.

At present, the visa is most widespread among talented people from the field of arts, and this would put a positive cultural affect. However, it will now be good to see greater usage by people from other sectors as well, like digital technology who might give a boost to the developing fintech sector of the UK.

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