UK will become most populous country in Europe by 2050 due to immigration

September 01, 2015
United Kingdom is all set to surpass Germany, as the nation’s population will increase to 75 million by 2050. These figures are going to be much higher when compared to the other European countries, according to Eurostat predictions.

The increase in the Immigration levels will be the main reason behind the UK’s population which will be at 85 million by 2080, in the same period Europe population will also reach 520 million by 2080. 

UK to become most populous country in Europe by 2050 due to immigration

In recent times, immigration has been the growing reason behind the soaring levels of Europe’s population. As people from all corners of the world are coming to Europe that resulted in the 95 percent of its population filled with immigrants.

UK’s population is fastest growing in the European Union from the last decade. In last year UK received 600,000 immigrants, out of them 300,000 only left the country. This immigration flow accelerated when the UK started allowing the people from Eastern European neighbours, following the labour party election in 1997 that started allowing the immigration from the former colonies. 

As per the official statistics issued by The Migration Observatory of Oxford Research Center, about 8 million are immigrants out of the 64.5 million of UK’s population. Every one in eight persons is an immigrant. 

Out of 8 million, three million are from EU states, where Poland tops the list, and the other five million are from outside where Indians and Pakistanis top the list.

As per the last year statistics, UK recorded 27% of the births were from the immigrants who came from outside of UK. 

England is the second most densely populated country after Netherlands in Europe, As London being the most populated city with majority of them are foreign nationals.

However, with any change in the immigration policies in long term will also bring change in the results of Eurostat predictions.

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