Updated Selection Point's Score to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence

March 13, 2017

It would be a sweet sounding music to the ears of those who have submitted applications for the direct entry pool for permanent residency in the country of Canada and are hoping that the current list ranking information through the encompassing ranking system would accommodate them.

The present draw from the classification scheme for the year 2017 was made known on the 1st of March. It tells those who had applied and scored 434 points or higher that the ranking system had called up 3, 884 to submit an application for the ITA, a scheme operating under the umbrella of the plan of FSW. That eventually means one who has applied can harbor thoughts of receiving a great selection despite not having strong credentials such as Education, language, work experience, and other grading areas.

A lot of customers registered under had been given ITA’s despite not having received employment offers based on their work experience and qualifications.

A closer observation of the direct entry scheme in Canada brings to light the fact that it is the perfect scheme for well-trained technicians who have an interest in applying for permanent residency.

Here is why:

  1.   A vast majority of jobs are eligible to be applied for in the entry program.
  2.   There are no limitations on employment applications
  3.   Applications remain in the direct entry for at least one year and that further improves your chances of getting picked.
  4.   You can always reapply into the direct entry when your first application trial is unsuccessful.
  5.   The grading point system is largely the same (Put at 67 points).
  6.   With the encompassing ranking system, one can get chosen from the direct entry without confirmation from a hiring company in the country
  7.   There is no barrier on relationship status.

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