Uplifting teaching standards of UK's higher education sector will benefit foreign students

November 07, 2015
The Department for Innovation, Business, and Skills of the UK has proposed to provide the fast track path for the institutions for gaining the degree giving powers and also to drive up the standards of teaching for UK’s sector for higher education. It will also benefit the foreign students and will also create better parity between the higher education institutes and the other education providers that are licensed to employ globally.

It was also proposed that the education providers would need to have the emergency arrangements set for ensuring that the students are prevented the occasion of course or campus closure which also include in case of loss of Tier 4 license to recruit foreign students.

Uplifting teaching standards of UK’s higher education sector will benefit foreign students

Institutions will need to offer both domestic and foreign students an optional course or shall support them in organizing the optional course at the other education provider where their visa permit.

Under the single path, the institutions would apply for the level to present quality of teaching they provide based on the Review of Higher Education and the Tier 4 sponsor ship will be the contingent upon the rating of level 1.

According to the Julia Goodfellow, Universities UK, President, the recognition of high-quality teaching in the universities of the UK through TEF is a welcome step 

Present policy has brought into existence two sets of rules for degree and non degree awarding sponsors for Tier 4. Right of work and visa extensions are importantly limited for the students at the private higher education institutions.

The proposals will now undergo the period of consultation, during that time the stakeholders will evaluate in how does the reforms shall be implemented and managed.

UK HE International Unit spokesman had stressed that It would be looking at all the elements in detail before the deadline of 15th January for submissions. Government requires to remember that not every individual pursue higher education in the universities.

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