US colleges are global magnet for the foreign students from around the world

November 24, 2015
The higher education of the US has always been seen on the top by the overseas students around the world. The world’s best and the brightest students are banging on the doors of the US universities and colleges in the record numbers.

According to the latest reports which revealed that there is an increase of 10%, which is also the highest in 35 years in the number of foreign students who are studying in the US universities and colleges.

US colleges are global magnet for the foreign students from around the world

Over 9,75,000  students had came from the abroad in the US, as it tops the list and also leading well ahead of Britain which stands at second position. The main reason behind the inflow said a great deal about how the US is seen abroad by the people.

Another reason could be find in the shortage of spaces in the university back home, but the main reason for the educational tourism is that the US universities and colleges remains the gold standard for the whole world.

In the previous academic year, the University of New York draws around 13,178 overseas students.  Ohio State University which ranked 14th is among the top 20 institutions. It is behind the Michigan University and ahead of the universities in Indiana, Texas, California and Minnesota.

The benefit of this inflow is that the overseas students pay full tuition fees and there is no discount for the student from Nigeria or Turkey. This assists the universities in keeping the balance budgets and keeping the tuition less for the domestic students. 

In the year 2012, the OSU had decided to stalk the rise of its overseas admissions, largely due to around 40% of the foreign students were coming for the undergraduate degrees or for the limited time study overseas. 

Instruction in China for example is different from the US instructions their lecture, students listen and absorb. Here in the US, participation of the students is expected.

Another concern is that the overseas students may take up the limited seats in the programs like engineering and medicine, crowd out the Americans and then take back home their skills either by their own choice or due to the limitations in the US visa.

The reports also reveal that the US students’ studying abroad has increased by 5% to around 3.04.467. And the number of US students studying overseas had more than tripled over the previous two decades.

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