US Congress has passed a package worth $1.1 trillion, also hikes H-1B visa fee

December 19, 2015
The US politicians in an immediate sequence today passed the $1.8 trillion spending package and had also introduced a heavy $4000 on the H-1B visas for IT firms of India.

This bill has came as the shock for the IT firms of India as they now have to pay around millions of dollars while they apply for the H-1B visas. As these companies heavily depend on this job visa for IT employees with high skills to get their job done in the US.

US Congress has passed a package worth $1.1 trillion, also hikes H-1B visa fee

As per the bill, now, the Indian IT companies have to pay extra $4000 for the H-1B visa and around $4500 for L-1 visa.

This bill is also called as Omnibus, and the US Congressmen from the two parties have hailed the passage of this Omnibus bill as the key achievement. The bill also changed the visa waiver program of the US.

The IT firms from India had expressed this bill as highly biased as the text of law written that such a soaring fee will have to be paid by key IT firms of India.

Firms who have over 50 employees and who are having over 50% of their US workers on H-1B and L-1 visas will now have to pay the latest fee when the next session for visa application starts on 1st April 2016.

This year the quota of 65,000 H-1B visas were filled up in the initial few days of beginning of process of application on 1st April. The government of US had to go with the computerized draw of lottery as it got many times the total quota of around 65,000.

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