US daily has raised $15,000 to carry out stories on H-1B workers

October 19, 2015
For the prospective immigrants who seek and the companies who always look out to get benefited from the loosening of rules for this H-1B visa, a US daily had taken a strange step by increasing the USD 15,000 for carrying out the comprehensive multimedia project that reports on the H-1B visas. 

San Francisco Chronicle said that it had increased USD 15,000 which will be used for spending on completing the stories through over 200 individuals in little time of just two weeks on the H-1B visas that always remains increasingly popular among the IT professionals coming from the countries like India.

US daily has raised $15,000 to carry out stories on H-1B workers

The daily said that they don’t want to explore the favorable or unfavorable arguments, and they just want to bring the stories of the people who are affected. It also said that they are going to get resources for doing the reporting that is missed regarding this issue. And that they are going to take a deeper look the lives of the workers who visit the US by getting a visa and what happened to those who missed out.

The daily said that their reporting will start in the Bay Area, but they will also follow the story out of the country. As they know that the families back home are affected by the result of visa application. They will be working in bringing their stories also.

Through a story, this will also answer the queries related to the visa applications like what is required for a victorious visa application, how somebody’s options of career changes, what will happen to those who are denied the visa and experience of those who leave the US and finds a job in their home country. 

It will also respond to the queries like how do the results of visa applications can affect the families living abroad and what type of connection do the H-1B workers have with their families back home and how it changes if a visa is gone astray.

The daily said that this campaign is an exclusive way for making those resources available. With the support of the H-1B workers, it will follow the story across the Bay Area and abroad. With this budget of USD 15,000, they will have the resource for developing rich photos and the videos for accompanying the story.

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