US Donald trump proposes for minimum salary requirement for H-1B visa workers

August 19, 2015
Republican Party front runner to the US presidential election, Donald Trump says that he would propose the minimum salary requirement for the most popular H-1B visa for the overseas professionals as Trump released his policy of putting US nationals first.

US Donald Trump proposes for minimum salary requirement for H-1B visa workers

With such move introduced, he would hope to force the American companies to recruit the unemployed US nationals and not the cheap workers from other countries including India.

While releasing his immigration policy, trump also lashed out on the Face book founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Florida senator Marco Rubio, who had introduced the bill to triple current number of H-1B visas.

About the “increase prevailing wage for H-1Bs,” in the paper released by Mr. Trump came out a strong rebukal against Mark Zuckerberg proposal to increase the present number of allotted H-1B visas, which currently has a maximum number of 65,000 per year as mandated by the US congress.

About more than half of the H-1B visas issued for the lowest allowable wage level. Raising the minimum salary levels for H-1B visas would force the companies to give entry level job positions to the existing unemployed American workers, instead the cheap overseas workers, said in the report.  

The position paper mentions the salary requirement will improve the proportion of Hispanic, black and women workers in the Silicon Valley, who are been neglected over the favor of H-1B visa program, said the Trump campaign.

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