US DOS has issued an update related to personal or domestic employees

November 14, 2015
The US Department of State (DOS) has issued a cable which updates the rule of Overseas Affairs Manual that deal with the personal or domestic employees of the US citizens on the temporary assignment in the US. The cable has given advice that the duration of stay for the qualified employee is raised from four to six years.

Generally, in order to qualify, the employers should accompany, or should follow to join the US citizen employer temporarily assigned to the US. 

US DOS has issued an update related to personal or domestic employees

Some conditions should be met to the satisfaction of the consular officer, for permitting the grant of the visa like the employee should have a residence overseas to which they wish to return. The overseas citizen has been provided the job abroad by the US employers for a minimum of six months before the employer’s admission to the US, or the employer could show that while overseas he had regularly employed someone in the same capacity.

The overseas citizen could demonstrate a minimum of one year experience as the domestic or personal worker and there should be job contract between the overseas citizen and the employer of the US which should also contain some specified conditions. 

In order to qualify as the employer in the US, the individual should be the subject to frequent foreign transfers, enduring two years or extra as the clause of position and returning to the US for staying for not more than six years.  This visa is often used by the domestic or personal employees of the government of the US personnel subject to overseas assignments or US employees of universal corporations.

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