US Embassy says Visa Process is now easy for Indonesian Citizens

February 05, 2014

US visa process for indonesia

In an attempt to improve relations between two countries, United States Ambassador to Indonesia Robert Blake, said visa process is now simpler for Indonesian citizens.

Blake showed some references to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and rejected the widespread idea that for Indonesians obtaining the US visa is difficult.

The ambassador said that he often hears it is tough to get a visa. He categorically declared that it is not true during a press meet at his living quarters. He emphasized that the US representatives at Indonesia approved most of the visa applications.

Particularly, 98% of Indonesians who applied for the university student visas were approved. Similarly, 92% of those who are interested in travelling were granted US visas, according to Blake.

There is a widespread perception that a large number of visas are denied, particularly after the September 11 attacks. And many people complain that there are no reasons given. This situation is mirrored in the visa process as US made the visa application process more stringent after 2001 attacks.

Blake stated that the majority of the applicants got visas more easily and quickly at the moment. He also said that it hardly takes 2 days to schedule an appointment and get it approved, and the applicant gets the visa in a period of 3 days.

He extends a warm welcome to all the tourists and business people of Indonesians who are travelling to the US. Making the visa process simpler is one of the efforts to expand people-to-people relationship after the president Yudhoyono and Obama initiated the comprehensive partnership between Indonesia and US in November, 2010.

Blake noted that there is an unprecedented cooperation after four years of signing the agreement between Yudho and Obama. Blake wants to build a positive record and he is pleased to partner with Indonesia and continues his support for good relations. 

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