US employers are all set to file H-1B Visa Petitions

February 06, 2015
United States employers to file H-1B visa petitions

Employers of United Sates who are planning to obtain H-1B visas to attain the permission of allowing overseas individuals to work in their organizations have to now start planning for the petitions. Cap for H-1B visa class is 65,000 and individuals with minimum bachelor degree are allowed to apply for it. Apart from this, 20,000 more visas are allotted for those who hold the Masters and highest degree from the recognized institutions of United States. 

The existing government of the country will start to accept the petitions from 1 April 2015 that is on Wednesday and the opportunity of employment for the approved and accepted petitions begins from 1 October 2014, which is nothing but the starting day of the fiscal year of the country.

Few of the sources of the country stated that compared to previous year’s petitions count, the number of requests that they have received from the employers are very less and a lottery system that is being operated by the country is being used to select the candidates. The concerned officials of the country are also anticipating to receive more petitions than the previous year as the system that was being followed earlier was very tough when compared to existing year’s new pattern. 

To file the petition on time, all the employers of the country must properly evaluate the credentials of a candidate.   H-1B visa moves from different United States owners are not subjected to the cap of annual H. All these candidates must be assessed properly to decide their status of H-1B visa and for the permanent residency in the country, says the sources.

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