US Ending Country Cap in Green Cards Will Help India and China

January 03, 2019
After the elimination of the country quotas from Green Cards, the present discrimination in the labour market will be over. As per a Congressional report, this will allow for the domination of India and China to gain American citizenship.

Green Card is popular

A  Green Card permits a person to live /work permanently in the US. High skilled Indians presently suffer from the immigration system, owing to the quota for each country for Green Cards. The domination will happen, because it requires many years for clearing the accumulated queue of immigrants, from these countries. The composition of this queue has persons who had submitted employment-based petitions for immigration. Presently they are waiting to file the visa application in the Department of State, or for the Status Adjustment Application, with the U.S.C.I.S.

US Ending Country Cap in Green Cards Will Help India and China

A law for eliminating country wise quota 

A copy of the report regarding Per-country Ceiling and Permanent Immigration based on Employment says that several lawmakers have a plan, to introduce a law, for eliminating country wise quota to issue Green Cards.

In April 2018, as per USCIS, 306,601 Indian nationals were waiting in the queue, to get these Green Cards. The share of Indians in the 395,025 overseas nationals, waiting for Green Cards is 78 percent in the employment-based LPR applications. The cap forces a present waiting period of nine and a half years. China has 67,031 waiting for Green Cards.

Change in the future

Lawmakers, who favour elimination of the country quota cap, feel that these circumstances will encourage all employers to sponsor Indian immigrants primarily. After removing the country wise ceiling, there will be a level playing field, making immigrants of all countries, attractive to the employers. This measure will also reduce the queues of prospective immigrants quickly, and remove the incentive to select nationals from particular countries.  Some countries will dominate immigration, and also benefit certain industries which employ overseas workers from these countries.

The importance of family members 

Additionally, the Immigration and Nationality Act permits LPRs to sponsor their family members by using the provisions of family-sponsorship. With the, removing of the country based ceiling there will be an alteration to the country-of-origin composition of family-based immigrants in future. When people from one region of the world come in, there is a restriction on the flow of talent among overseas workers. The INA annually allots 140,000 visas for all five LPR categories.

Two popular pools of overseas nationals, who gained approval as employment-based immigrants had numbers exceeding 900,000 and are waiting for their entry. Among them, many are Indians, Chinese and citizens of the Philippines. Employers also feel that they need the services of skilled overseas workers for remaining competitive at the international level.

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