US formally announces increase in H-1B visa fee

January 14, 2016
The USCIS has formally announced a law that raised the fees for L-1 and H-1B and  visas to $4500 and $4000 respectively.

US formally announces increase in H-1B visa fee

Under the Act for Consolidated Appropriations 2016, this was signed in as a law by the US President on 18th December last year. According to the statement from USCIS, an extra fee of $4000 for petitions of H-1B and $4500 for petitions of L-1A and L-1B would have to be paid for each employee.

According to the agency, the extra fees applies to the petitioners who recruit 50 or over 50 employees in US, with over 50% of the workers are in the H-1B or L-1 non immigrant status. And according to the USCIS, this fee would remain effective till 30th September 2025.

USCIS in its statement has also said that it would start rejecting the petitions for H-1B and L-1B visas that are received on or after 11th February 2016 and that does not carry the data needed under the latest law. The USCIS had revised the important forms in this regards. USCIS might also issue an Evidence Request (RFE) for determining whether the extra fee applies to petition.

The Indian IT industry body, Nasscom had said previously that the increase in the visa fees would put an impact of $400 million on industry.

IT firms from India apply for thousand of visas every year, and the hike would hit their margins.  According to Shivendra Singh, Vice President, Nasscom, the move would be proving counterproductive to the unique purpose of saving or creating the employments for the US citizens.

Nasscom had previously said that the IT industry of India has been the target for income source by the US for funding their unrelated programs.   

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