US House approves latest Screening Measures for European tourists

December 14, 2015
The Visa Waiver Program, created in the year 1986, permits the citizens from around 38 nations to travel with ease to the US for three months without acquiring a visa.

The bill, the second main piece of the security law was approved in the chamber, is passed by 407 to 19. But the strong showing in the House can put the momentum behind the efforts for including the visa waiver law in the spending package, a compulsory pass bill that the lawmakers are trying to finalize before the present government spending bill get expired on Friday.

US House approves latest Screening Measures for European tourists

According to Marc Rosenblum, Deputy Director, Migration Policy Institute, if the individuals had visited the US in previous five years, they will have to go via process of normal visa screening, instead of process for visa waiver.  We require reinforcing the security of the Visa Waiver Program.

But according to GOP lawmakers, the Congress would also take a wider view at the visa programs and the policies of the US including tightening the K-1 fiancée visa. The Homeland Security Department is already reviewing the program.

The US House has passed the Program for Visa Waive Act 2015, a bill which would change the US visa travelling practices. It is also required an e-passports with biometric data for all the tourists who seek visiting the US.

The bill motivates the nations that fall under this VWP program for providing data regarding the suspects and criminals.

And according to others the nation could not shut the doors for tourists as a huge amount of income is from the overseas tourists who visit the US.  And the travel will become less if many limitations were placed.

If signed into the decree, the visa application will be needed for any individual who enter into the US who had traveled to Iraq or Syria in the previous five years.

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