US immigration bill needs to be reformed-secretary of the state acknowledges

August 08, 2014

US Immigration News - VisaReporter

Citing the transformational partnership and the importance of maintaining ties between the India and US, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, admitted that US immigration bill should undergo some sort of reforms to help fuel Indian IT industry.

In order to boost Indian IT sector, it is required to make amendments to some of the discriminatory conditions of the US immigration bill, remarked Kerry. However, this measure would ensure that more number of people will be able to travel and support education, commerce, etc.

It has to be mentioned that it was the first time to receive an acknowledgment from higher authority of US in accordance with the need of reforming the bill and addressing the issues encountered by the Indian IT industry.

The Indian IT sector is playing a vital role in encouraging the US in driving the industry and business sectors, the US Deputy Secretary of State, William J Burns added.

The US has employed a regulated approach to deal with the issues related to shortage of skilled IT workers in the country by balancing immigration levels with several initiatives to support citizens to participate in STEM course, which include education and training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, this scheme has benefited US businesses by providing access to recruit workers on temporary visas for major projects regardless of projects duration. This initiative has played a vital role in developing American economy at the same time benefiting IT industry and economy of India.

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